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Daniela Badaluta

President - Funder RECREX

The 13-year-old entrepreneur, lawyer licensed, has completed several training programs in the fields of management, leadership, communication, economics, insurance, psychotherapy and engineering.
As an entrepreneur, it is convinced that the challenges of other companies are new big opportunities of the company she are running, has setting up with own capital Recrex Romania, RECREX Bulgaria and RECREX Antifraud Center in Romania.
Is a founding member of NBIFI- the National Bureau of Insurance Fraud Investigation of Bulgaria, a non-profit organization created to lead a united effort of insurers, law enforcement agencies and representatives of the public society to prevent and to combat all type of insurance fraud and crime through data analytics, investigations, training, legislative advocacy and public awareness.
The first woman in Europe to set up a Claims Management company and Green Card System Clams Manager, the Claims Antidraud Buffering integrated system which respond to previously uncovered requirements in this area, developing RECREX Romania.

Recrex Bulgaria is an insurance agency and controls a delicate niche of the insurance market in Eastern Europe with a special profile of its clients having a fulminating impact, thus serving and satisfying the needs of insurance companies through integrated services and new concepts.
In his vision, even if you are on the right track, you will be trampled if you stay only there, as a leader, self-knowledge is invaluable in professional ascension and is a guide in making strategic decisions with realism and trust, but at the same time in choosing people in the team and their support.
When talking about the leadership of a group involving professionals, firmness of character and determination to defeat must dominate and at the same time convey safety and power in the organisation of people and business, including insurance business, it succeeds in promoting a business model that is imposed by a set of values such as professionalism, initiative spirit, trust and innovation.