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Ivaylo Netsov


Ivaylo Netsov is 32 years old, born in the city of Sofia. He studies Business Administration at the New Bulgarian University.

He has been a CEO of foodpanda Bulgaria since 2017.

He manages successfully the biggest platform for orders and deliveries of food in our country, as he supervises a team of over 150 people.

Before joining foodpanda Bulgaria, Ivaylo was manager of the Department of Digital Sales of BTV Media Group for 1 year.

Before that he managed the special projects at the Fox International Channels for three years. He is one

of the creators of the project Explore Bulgaria of National Geographic Chanel.

He has over 10 years of experience in marketing and sales. He was responsible for the internet sales of a company part of Sportal Media Group.

For a long time Ivaylo held lectures on topic Content and Marketing to the Bulgarian Internet Association.

He participated as a host in two seminars at the Software University on topics: video marketing and digital branding. In 2017 he led a full course for video marketing at the Software University.