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Steve Keil

Steve Keil ( is an international speaker, entrepreneurship teacher, modern-day maverick, and founder of numerous startups, his latest being MammothDB which was proudly acquired by MariadDB ( - the leading open source enterprise DB in the world.
Steve challenges and develops ideas to disrupt what he calls "crystallization" of our belief systems, focusing on disrupting best practices and established inertia. In a fast-paced world of change, noise, and constant information overload and awareness, it's more important than ever to (re)discover new ways forward. This includes open-source, connectivity, and embracing new models of business and customer engagement.
Steve's talk on Ted has received over half a million views
He is passionate about businesses where disruption, a steadfast belief in what we're creating, being unafraid to break the rules and enthusiasm are fundamental to build success. I enjoy business development, customer success, practical approaches to solutions, and partnership building.