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Iliyana Tarnina

HR Director

Iliyana Tarnina is an HR and Business Management Professional with nearly 20 years of experience. She has worked in small and large international and Bulgarian companies. In the last years she specializes in helping foreign companies start their business in Bulgaria and realize their full potential on the local market. Very often her role and scope of work go beyond the Bulgarian boarders, where her impact influences some of the core company functions. Examples of such could be Microsoft, where she was responsible for projects in over 20 countries, as well as Paysafe, were she held the role of a Vice-President Operations and managed a team of over 300 people in 3 countries.

Several of her successful projects are: Partygaming (now GVC Group); Optimal Payments (nowadays Paysafe Group) and currently she is supporting Anakatech in their growth in Bulgaria.

The qualities that help Iliyana succeed are: building a vision, challenging the status ‘Quo’ and leading an open dialogue with the business and the employees.